Ever wondered, what is content hacking? Who are content hackers? Who is actually using them and where do they hail from? Well, content hacking is actually a mixture-form of growth hacking and content marketing, where growth hacking is an online marketing tactic introduced by technology startups to sell products or services and gain exposure, while content marketing is referred to: marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media (like articles, videos, infographic etc) in order to acquire customers on the internet.

Check out this infographic from the team of coschedule that takes a closer look at the many characteristics of a content hacker.

Content marketing and the growth hacking - infographic

Content marketing and the growth hacking – infographic

A key stat from infographic:
Sean Ellie’s first coined the term “growth hacker” in July of 2012.

An example of growth hacking:
In 1998, Hotmail includes the text “PS I Love You” with a link to their homepage at the bottom of all emails sent using their system. As a result they got 12 million users just over a year.

Read more: http://coschedule.com/blog/content-hacker/

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